Welcome Developers!

NJ TRANSIT encourages the use of our schedule data to improve customer access to information through new and innovative applications.

We've created a simple registration process that enables developers to review and agree to our License Agreement and download schedule data in GTFS format. Once you register, downloading updated files is as simple as typing your User ID and password. We'll even notify you via email when updates are made to the data, so you can keep your application up to date.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when using our GTFS data:

  • You have an obligation to keep schedule information up to date. Our customers depend on accurate information. Outdated schedules can mean missed trains and buses, or poorly timed connections. We require developers to update their data within 3 business days of a new file becoming available.
  • You're not allowed to use NJ TRANSIT logos or other intellectual property. While the schedule data is provided free for your use, our logo and other registered service marks and trademarks remain the property of NJ TRANSIT. If you're interested in entering into a formal partner license agreement, please contact us with your request.